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Online (Afternow WiFi-Cable Remix)

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Added on 11 January 2021

Online Remixes
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electro, electronic, synth, psytrance, goa trance, proggy, dancefloor, dance, progressive, progressive trance, progressive house

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This remix of the song 'Online' by DJ Afternow is one of four tracks on Your Funny Uncle's 'Online Remixes' EP and was just made for all the goa and psytrance lovers out there. Its energetic, progressive beat will keep them dancing all night (and all day) long, be it in indoor clubs or at outdoor parties. More information about the remixer Afternow and his amazing work can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/afternowmusic

Follow Your Funny Uncle and listen to the whole 'Online Remixes' EP here: https://lnkfi.re/iDRcEhLT and check out the website: https://www.yourfunnyuncle.com

Cover Artwork by Your Funny Uncle
Special thanks to Petar Babic for continuing support.

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