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Added on 17 July 2014

this is the video, filmed in the Finnish WWII sub Vesikko and on Helsinki's legendary fortress island Suomenlinna, featuring the raw mix of "must be Schnetzer", out of our new EP's four tracks. "Lieder" are German classical songs (such as Franz Schubert's), since we are an instrumental band however, our new EP's title could be interpreted as "songs reduced to the max", i.e. without lyrics and singing, just the instruments telling the stories that hide behind the song names. The song names and moods (and the music videos) help of course, but it is mainly the listener who will place his own stories into our music. http://magnetfisch.bandcamp.com/album/lieder-maximo "Lieder ohne Worte" - four songs without words, reduced to the max! this is the new Magnetfisch EP, the Swiss instrumental band's 11th record to date.
Year of creation
Timothée Barrelet

Credits and thanks

Music by Magnetfisch

Patrick Scherrer - guitar
Rolf Althaus - bass
Timothée Barrelet - synthesizers, programming

Benjamin Stoll - recording, mixing, mastering

Cover design by Magnetfisch


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