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Added on 4 August 2014

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Zoo Zürich, www.zoo.ch The videoclip for Lennitz, a rocking song taken from the 2014 Magnetfisch EP "Lieder Maximo" was filmed at the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland, which features high rain forest trees in the dense Masoala Hall jungle, a big dome for asiatic elephants and more than 2200 specimens of 300 species. The EP Lieder Maximo is available on https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lieder-maximo-ep/id899563395 http://www.exlibris.ch/de/musik/musik-download-mp3/magnetfisch/lieder-maximo/id/dlm134714142 http://magnetfisch.bandcamp.com/album/lieder-maximo Magnetfisch are: Rolf Althaus - bass Patrick Scherrer - guitar Timothée Barrelet - synthesizer, sampler, programming +SUISA+ music and movie by Magnetfisch recorded, mixed and mastered by Benjamin Stoll www.bstoll.ch The video clip features the penguin statues at the zoo's entrance, the magnificent masoala hall, the gigantic Kaeng Krachen elephant dome, the impressive rhinos and beautiful coral reef aquarium. Children like Lenny, to whom this song is dedicated, deserve no less than to live in the world where all these beautiful species and landscapes still exist! World Wildlife Fund, WWF: http://worldwildlife.org/ http://www.wwf.org/
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Timothée Barrelet

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Zoo Zürich, www.zoo.ch

recorded, mixed and mastered by Benjamin Stoll, www.bstoll.ch

music and movie by Magnetfisch

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