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Golden Prison

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Added on 3 September 2014

More info on: http://cause.ch/lab/portfolio/golden-prison/ Golden Prison Open my eyes, the sun is rising high, its light is bright blinding my sight Watery eyes, facing walls of white like I’ve been into dark for a while Take a deep breath, take a first step, feeling so light Making mistakes, in a learning phase so it’s alright First words, first cries, first laughs, riding a bike First grade, first love, first fight, living my life Growing up fast Growing up fast, travelling time Faster than light, in a spaceship of mine Though I only got enough cash for a bus pass Growing facial hair cause a moustache is a must have Riding a bike like it’s a Mustang An adventurous mind on the path to the greater things They say every great thing must end But I’m a youngin, let my dreams sustain ‘cause my dreams just can overcome any pain It’s my rules I apply, I ain’t playing your game In my own team which is keen on breaking a routine That I can’t stand to follow, allow me to borrow Your past aspirations you must have forgotten But you won’t let me have ‘em, you convince me they’re rotten “Smarten up young rascal! Who gon’ pay for your grad school Which will pay for your nice food your car and your house too?” But of course that’s if you want a wife and kids, A happy family, for this you must succeed You can’t proceed if you can’t pay your bills You need a little green “if you wanna be me” So I do what I’m told, I’m mowing the lawn Getting gold, getting bold and moving along In a comfort zone I can’t leave anymore But I’m suffocating, I can’t breathe any longer I can’t find the way out of my Golden Prison Seems I lost the keys of a more precious treasure Days go by one by one so similar in their outcome Like pillars aligned holding the weight of time that can’t be outrun In line like minds of mankind I’d like to press rewind but I’m gone Too far out to ever hope to come back on or with my shield on Part of a generation still looking for their battle They’re talking end of the world, climate change is the matter Sorting our trash like soldiers fighting for survival Avoiding Apocalypse ripping out pages of the Bible Purposeless sheep taking a piss in the same urinal Piece by piece, one after the other, falling out dominoes From the cradle to the grave we all slaves to the hassle We put ourselves in, handcuffed to our ideals Couldn’t resist the first bite now I’m trapped in a house made of candy I don’t even exist, I speak but no one, not even myself, seem to understand me A butterfly without wings, a worm without dreams A song with no singing, no music, no meaning A man without legs A dreamer without a chance A static dance
Year of creation
Frédéric Goncerut

Credits and thanks

Ecrit et interprété par : Fabe Gryphin
Enregistrement, mix et master : Marc Staedler
N° SUISA : 4963 737 05
Label : Cause
danseuse et chorégraphe: Nicole von Arx
directeur et réalisateur: Frédéric Goncerut
ingénieur du son: Marc Staedler
maquilleuse: Natacha Emery
assistante caméra: Jenna Hasse
styliste: Aurélia Joly
photographe: Elena Hasse
responsable logistique: Thomas Bally
texte d’introduction: Pierre von Arx
graphisme print: Pierre Andrey & Sebastian Davila
graphisme vidéo: Jonathan Manansala
producteur: Benoît Goncerut

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