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Travelling On My Own (Eurovision Song Contest Edition)

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Added on 29 September 2014


Eurovision Song Contest 2015: Swiss participants selection: http://esc.srf.ch/de/john-h%C3%A4nni
iTunes: http://bit.ly/John-iTunes
website: http://www.johnhaenni.com
label: http://www.profimedia.ch

Lyric "Travelling On My Own":
I am travelling on my own, feel empty all alone Noone cares about my state, just trying not to be late When I get off this rattling train, get soaked by the falling rain It seems like noone understands my heart, of desperation and pain I am travelling all on my own, noone asking where i’m coming from Is there not at least just someone, in those loving arms i could run While I walk through this lonely path, i will never be alone `Cause you`re right there to guide me and lead me on and on You’re always near to me, through these hard and times that come to be Still i will trust in your loyalty, that you’re always there for me So i’ll never walk alone, no matter where i am coming from When i call your on your precious name, i will never, ever be the same `Cause you’re there to guide me on, in you i found my true home I will never, ever be, never be alone (2x)

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