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What I've Lost

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Added on 16 December 2014

The latest installment in the series of live videos, from the Swiss Future R&B duo TRUE, is What I've Lost – a syrupy, anthemic radio ballad infused with a rich dose of bitter-sweet introspection. The song recounts real-life loss and the trying trials of the search for acceptance. It's a sugar coated, gut-wrenching confession. The piece was born, almost fully formed, during a late night improv, following one of those heart-in-the-palm-of-your-hand, and flat out on the table type of conversations. The writing and the production has a mild post Dilla swagger to it – all analog synth lines and taut, snappy drum machine Bap! The vocals suffuse the formula with soothing, deep purple, narcotic sweet talk – with melodies which are disarmingly irresistible.
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Nicole Pfister & Kapuly Dietrich

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