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NECKLESS - Lorelei (Official Single 2014)

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Added on 28 February 2014


Neckless' first single "Lorelei" from the upcoming album "Cenesthesia" (April 2014).
Free Download: http://bit.ly/1ktDOr1

Neckless caught the attention of devoted rock music fans and media as one of the most outré rock acts of Switzerland. The upcoming album "Cenesthesia" celebrates the majestic, autumnal rock pomp with sublime hymns and massive sounds, fueled by overwhelming emotions.
Neckless' first, piano-led single "Lorelei" leads gradually into an almost classic crashing crescendo of abundant bombast art rock.

// members
Vocals & Synthesizer: Marcel Sprenger
Piano & Synthesizer: Daniel Sprenger
Guitar: Beda Mächler
Bass: Vanja Vukelic
Drums: Daniel Eugster

// web
Contact and booking: info@neckless.ch

// credits
This song was recorded in 2013/2014 at Hardstudios (Switzerland) by Michael Brändli, Mastering by Dan Suter (echochamber). Created and produced by Neckless, lyrics written by Marcel Sprenger.

© by Neckless 2013/2014

Year of creation
Sebastian Cremers, Alberto Vieceli, Tania Prill, Marcel Sprenger

Credits and thanks

Sebastian Cremers, Alberto Vieceli, Tania Prill von "Prill Vieceli Cremers" (www.prillviecelicremers.ch)

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