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Added on 10 May 2014

This ambient song from our 2003 full length album Silence Fiction was filmed at the Museum of Natural History in Bern. http://www.nmbe.ch/ The album Silence Fiction (2003) is available on http://magnetfisch.bandcamp.com/album/silence-fiction https://itunes.apple.com/album/silence-fiction/id327263243 http://www.cede.ch/de/music/?branch_sub=1&view=detail&id=380242&branch=1 The video clip "Rendez-nous" ("give us back") features a excerpt of the Museum's rich exhibitions and broaches the issue of species extinction, something that we humans must not accelerate. As an example, in New Zealand there are only 126 individuals left of the Kakapo, a green parrot. World Wildlife Fund, WWF: http://worldwildlife.org/ http://www.wwf.org/
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Timothée Barrelet

Credits and thanks

Magnetfisch are:
Rolf Althaus - bass
Patrick Scherrer - guitar
Timothée Barrelet - synthesizer, sampler, programming


recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Liechti
album artwork by Urs Althaus
photography by Hans Grob

filmed with permission at the Museum of Natural History in Bern. http://www.nmbe.ch/

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