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Be a fighter

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Added on 11 June 2015

Video produced by www.mymusicclip.ch Director/colorist: Tobias Wüthrich Editor: Nikolas Reigel Makeup artist: Laurie Jesstob Musicians: Vocals, guitar: Lovis Bass: Daniel Baur Keyboards: Lucas Pfeifer Drums: Yannick Bättig Music and lyrics composed and written by Lovis. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Theis at Tonwerk 132, Wetzikon. Follow Lovis: http://www.lovismusic.com http://www.facebook.com/lovismusicofficial http://www.twitter.com/lovis_music https://instagram.com/lovismusicofficial
Year of creation
Tobias Wüthrich and Lovis

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Special thanks to our actors:

Isabelle Hegi / I wish you all the best for your health. And thanks for being a fighter and an example for everyone out there. You’re beautiful and strong!!
Sebastian Gerber (son)
Martin Hebeisen (boyfriend)
Georgina Fuelei (mother)
Urs Matthys (father)
Nathalie Siegenthaler (friend of Isabelle)
Sandra Fontaine (friend of Isabelle)
Pia Liniger (friend of Isabelle)
Désiree Bieri (friend of Isabelle)
Sandra Struchen (friend of Isabelle

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