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Never Stop

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Added on 8 November 2015


Since his 2010 summer hit ‚A Girl Like You‘, Cookie The Herbalist is constantly delivering sweet love songs letting womens hearts melt away. He even knows how to pack the more unlikely moments of a romantic relationship in his lyrics and bundles them into touching melodies.
The new single ‚Never Stop’ portrays exactly those sad moments and perfectly fits the forthcoming dark and cold season oft he year. Spring time’s infatuation phase is over, the unforgettable hot summer experiences as well. Autumn is dawning; leaves are falling, love starts breaking.
‚Never Stop’ is a smooth Reggae song with mainly guitar elements and also influences from the Singer/Songwriter-Genre.
With his characteristic voice and much soul, in this piece Cookie sings about feelings arising after separating from a loved person.

Year of creation
Steve Diener (afrox films)

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Riddim by: Ben Nicefield & Uppressor's Productions
Thanks to Soraja Trigo, Willi Copta & Jazy Jazz, Marcel Tuma & Stadt Langenthal

689 plays