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North Sea

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Added on 15 May 2009

Keep the devil out of Hillsboro
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The North Sea

The wind has chilled all of our bones
Or is it just the fright ?
Our voices all devoured by the sky
We pull the ropes and search the foam but
You’re nowhere in sight
Your melodies surprised us but
The North Sea’s always right

Far away from home
Far away from home
Here comes the night.

Did you ever tire to explore
Those valleys black and white -
To navigate the corners of our minds ?
You’d wander through our every storm-
A chalice full of light
Your melodies advised us but
The North Sea’s always right

So very close to home
So very close to home
Here comes the night.

Who’d ever think that you might lose
- that you might lose a fight ?
The North Sea may despise us –
You proved it to be trite –

Far away from home
There you may roam
Into the light.

For Esbjörn Svensson

Words and Music by Michael Frei

Michael Frei : Vocals, Piano
Fabrizio Di Donato : Fender Rhodes, Piano, Choir Vocals
Julien Feltin : Electric Guitar
Patrice Moret : Acoustic Bass
Maxime Zampieri : Drums

134 plays