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World of women abuse

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Added on 18 February 2010

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World of women abuse (inspired by the film "the accused")

Have you seen these 3 young men there
waiting outside this red lit room – for their turn?
Glancing at some candy pictures on the tv screen - you say "what a scene" -
(tonight) there's lots to lose, their souls will burn.

she stares through his dark lines
into the face behind his face…
time runs backwards, voices call (rape)
- her cries bounce off the wall.

This poor girl in her torn pink satin dress doesn't move no more to the speed of their hips.
She wishes she could sleep "the big sleep" as they slam their belt buckles on her lips.

(Repeat chorus)


Have you seen this young girl staggering
down the stairs – all hurt inside, and bruises on her back?
Paying off the well-dressed pimp who hangs around the bar a bit
He yells at her to get some more dough for his crack.

(Repeat chorus)

60 plays