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Nothing Is Wrong With Me

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Added on 13 October 2010

Previously unreleased
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MoonLand Music

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Played, recorded and produced by Dorian Gray at Kitchen Studios and MoonLand Studios Geneva. Drums recorded by Yvan Bing at Kitchen Studios Geneva.

Music: Dorian Gray
Words: Dorian Gray / Adina Pernell

Featuring Lydie Brian from Redlie.

© MoonLand Music 2010

Enregistré, produit, joué et mixé par Dorian Gray à Kitchen Studio & MoonLand Studios Genève. Batteries enregisrées par Yvan Bing a Kitchen Studio.

Musique: Dorian Gray
Paroles: Dorian Gray / Adina Pernell

Avec l'aimable participation de Lydie Brian de Redlie.

© MoonLand Music 2010

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