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Better (Chapter 3)

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Added on 23 September 2021


Better depicts the subtlety of a wavering love-hate relationship in a dysfunctional couple whose dark side takes over and leads to violence (verbal or physical). The lyrics resonate with an unacknowledged truth and blend with the trembling sounds of an electro-pop ballad. Addressing a complex and current topic, it's meant to open dialogues to help reduce the stigma around this topic and judgment felt by those who have the courage to come forward.

Better is the 3rd chapter of my visual album named The Calling, coming out this fall 2021. Through 5 tracks, all representing different music genres and addressing crucial topics close to my heart, a 15min short film reveals a striking story taking you on a journey rooted in cultural heritage.

The Calling
Year of creation
Mei Fa Tan
better, thecalling, music video, meifatan, laurascaglia, vocals, electropop, ballade, electro, pop

Credits and thanks

Music & Lyrics : Laura Scaglia
Music Arrangement : Raoul Baumann
Keys : Raoul Baumann
Guitar : Barty Karyo
Drums : Marc-Olivier Savoy
Bass : Nadir Graa
Mix : Antoine Estoppey (Blend Studio)
Mastering : Dan Suter (echochamber)

Film Director : Mei Fa Tan
DOP : Ludovic Matthey
Film Crew : Silvia Sabogal, Leonel Becerril Velazquez, Fanny Reynaud, Paulo Da Silva Leite, Sophie Poncin, Maxime Bee, Romain Schar
Set Design & Wardrobe : Marie Jeanrenaud, Sara Francisco, Johan Katz
Hair & Make Up : Virginie Pernet

Cast : Yera Moreno & Leonilde Torrini

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