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Added on 3 May 2022

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Floating Notes Records
live music, electronic music, harp, electric harp, ketyfusco

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Shortly after the release of the Horror soundtrack composed solely with the sounds of the harp that Kety Fusco herself collected in a digital database, the queen of the electric harp launches a new provocation in the world of contemporary, electronic, classical, pop and soundtrack music, releasing SHIVERS, a composition that represents a new form of music, a new genre: Kety's harp sings as if it were a voice, in the track the whole sound is created entirely by the harp, the sound box creates the rhythm, the harmonic sounds of the harp decorate the harmony, the scratchy noises envelop the atmosphere of this composition.

Kety says of SHIVERS:

"The search for the instrumental genre of the harp instrument is also about discovering what kind of music and genre you can create with it. Since there is no real musical reference to the world of contemporary pop music on the harp, I have to make attempts to express myself and continue to embrace my idea of the contemporary harp, feeling its vibrations first and letting myself be overwhelmed by the shivers that these resonances cause me, and continue to compose and let the world discover a new idea of the harp. My aim is to create a musical identity with an instrument that is still very idealised. This is what my musical compositions are about, the search for a place in the world, overcoming the inherent limitations and constraints of traditional acoustic instruments".

All sounds are from the harp sound library by Kety Fusco, available on www.ketyfusco.com

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Composed by Kety Fusco
Produced by Aris Bassetti
Produced by Francesco Motta
Cello player Carmine Iuvone

Mixed by Taketo Gohara
Mastered by Giovanni Versari

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Roger Weiss

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