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By Your Side (Pablo Nouvelle Remix)

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Added on 19 October 2018


All-rounder, multitalented “Pablo Nouvelle” gives the song a brand-spanking-new makeover: nothing half-assed is their motto; the original song is neatly and properly pushed through the remix shredder-grinder: out comes a melancholy piano piece featuring the homegrown features of Pablo Nouvelle's sleek, modern R ‘n’ B sound. And for those who like this style of musical calligraphy, you will most certainly madly love this forceful, consistent, and clever "By Your Side" remix.

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Noodle Soup Records
Tobias Stierli

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Mastermind Fabio Friedli is the head and brains behind the band “Pablo Nouvelle”. The musician, producer, and filmmaker released his third album "Wired" in 2018, five years after his breakthrough song "Is It Ok?". Since then, Pablo Nouvelle's electronic R ’n’ B has developed magnificently, as have his live performances. / www.pablonouvelle.com

45 plays