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Take Stock Of What I Have

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Ajouté le 5 décembre 2018

This video was not at all produced and filmed by a large and professional music video filming team, it is handmade by us, Black Sea Dahu productions. All it took was the three wicked Hänni brothers on skateboards, 12 hours to film it and another 1000 hours to cut and edit the whole damn thing. Now enjoy a short music video about three enchanted skater brothers who advance to the next level!
White Creatures
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Black Sea Dahu
Janine Cathrein
pop, indie folk, indiefolk

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Art Director: Janine Cathrein Edit: Vera Cathrein & Paul Märki Camera: Paul Märki & Vera Cathrein Cast: David Hänni, Mario Hänni, Florian Häni, Simon Cathrein, Vera Cathrein, Janine Cathrein, Ramon Ziegler, Nick Furrer, Paul Märki

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