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Added on 14 June 2019

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viola, violin, alternative pop, alternative, indie

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Gina Été writes pop music for a future where cars still don’t fly. Not only does she play viola, piano and sing in four languages, she dares to address current political matters on stage in a way that pop music left behind at some point in the eighties.
In August 2018 she and her band have recorded in San Francisco with renowned producer John Vanderslice. Recording on tape without computers, he has helped artists such as Death Cab for Cutie and Sophie Hunger create a pure yet novel sound. The two by now released singles of that recording have proved how powerful Gina‘s music is: Mauern and the video turned at the boarders of Mexico polarised Europe with blog discussions from Portugal to France up until Czech Republic, the unique paper puppet play as a video to Im Rhy led to first reviews in Italy, UK and the United States.

Now Été releases the entire EP along with the third single Windmill on the Zurich based Lauter label: Six warm, honest and unusual songs in four languages, as well as the most unconventional remix by Vanderslice himself. Each song opens up a new world, drawn in its own colours and shades. Gina‘s intimate voice, her striking immediacy, the querulent arrangements by her band and the distinctive, raw sound of the analog recording unite these worlds to a parallel universe one could call Post Pop; Catchy but harmonically and rhythmically elaborate and substantial songs that make one wonder what music will be like, once current mainstream music has disappeared from our radio stations.
Seeing Gina Été live is at least as emotionally impressive as the EP. Since the release of Mauern she is touring Europe with her band, the last third of the tour and its climax at the Gurten Festival still lie ahead. And those who know Gina can be certain - in a nearby future where cars still don’t fly, she will be back on stage!

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