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Added on 30 October 2020

Without You
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Selfrelease - S. Raschi

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Cookie The Herbalist - Without You -
„…what would I do; If I ain’t got you…?
Summer is definitely over and much quicker than expected, the grey, misty winter returned. A harsh cool wind chased away the light, warm breeze of Summer’s love and it’s romances. 
„… cold, lonely nights… and you ain’t here to keep me warm…“
We reminisce about the one person or the people we felt or still feel love for and might have lost in the blink of a season’s change. The person we can’t do without in our lives!
„… if I ain’t got you, how am I supposed to breathe again? Without you how am I supposed to be happy again…?“
We’d like to present „Without You“ Cookie The Herbalist’s brand-new, very soulful Reggae - love ballade, in which Cookie repeatedly and perfectly masters one of his many different singing facets. His singing parts are smoothly underlined by amazing harmonies coming from the likes of Switzerland’s Reggae-Soul-Diva Irina Mossi, which additionally enriches the likely to hit song with even more charm and elegance.
„Without You“ is a next, heavy creation in Cookie’s song-catalogue and we strongly recommend you to download it, listen to it, once, twice, put the replay button on repeat and just feel it, feel it deep.

Official release: October 30th 2020
Song by: Cookie The Herbalist (Stefano Raschi)
ISRC: CH6541646318
Riddim by: Boomrush Production
Art Direction: Kerry Dwyer Keusen
Photo: Caleb Shong

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