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Hotel California

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Added on 20 December 2006

Hotel California
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The moonstyle definition of the New Hotel California mix! Very successful on mp3.com.
Produced by P.Brunkow. Composed by The Eagles.
Arrangements by Jaba.
Recordings 1998 by Pedi Sterchi and P.E.W. at Shanti Studio, Iseltwald.
Recordings 2006, Mixing and Mastering by P. Brunkow at Damp Production, Neuchâtel.

Musicians: Jaba (lead voc., rhythm guitar, small percussion, clavinet) Armando (bass) Patrick Bader (keys, hammond) Gil (cocot guitar) Pedi Sterchi (percussion) Zohra El Haoulani (backing voc.) Yvonne Birchmeier (backing voc.) Rahel Krebs (backing voc.) Frederic Lette (tenor & soprano saxophone, Horn arrangement) Christian Vette (trumpet) Yann Bourquin (trombone) Joël Marchetti (live drums) Martin Millar (acc. guitar) , Claude Savio (12 string acc. guitar) Andy Maurer (solo guitar) P.Brunkow (Keyboards and Programming

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