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Blues is Dead

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Added on 2 September 2006

Umbrella Fitz & Gerald
Year of creation
Invisible Inc.
pop, songwriting, folk

Credits and thanks

Michael Frei: vocals and songs

Fabrizio Di Donato: piano, Wurlitzer, farfisa, Fender Rhodes, synths, string arrangements, programming, vocals, New York streetnoises

Les Vautours
Julien Feltin: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Patrice Moret: upright bass, bowed bass
Marc Erbetta: drums, percussion, voicebox

The Neligan Quartet
Isabel Neligan: 1st violin
Elisabeth Harringer: 2nd violin
Johannes Gürth: viola
Stefania Verità: cello

Jacques Bevilacqua: electric guitar, acoustir guitar, tricone reos-phonic slide guitar, harmonica
Gérald Rochat: cajon, darbouka, percussion
Aline Stoll: vocals
Chris Diggelmann: programming, percussion
Roger Duperrex: whistling
Emile Davis: flugelhorn

Produced by Chris Diggelmann
Mixed bas S. Husky Höskulds

Recorded by Chris Diggelmann at Dark Sound Studio Lausanne, Switzerland
Vocals and overdubs recorded by Roger Duperrex
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835 plays