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FILM Produktion: fluxif GmbH / www.fluxif.ch Regie: Achille Lietha Kamera: Patrick Betschart Styling & Props: Jeanne-Vera Bourguignon Color Grading: Jürgen Kupka, Unsere Farben / www.unserefarben.ch Idee & Konzept: Nicolas Rüttimann LOCATION All Spa shots taken at Hotel Simi, Zermatt /www.hotelsimi.ch Thanks so much for your hospitality & providing the most beautiful dolphin statue the world has ever seen. MUSIK Guest-Singer: Vania Sousa / www.instagram.com/visforvania Production: Tom Hessler, Beat Jegen, Giuliano Sulzberger, Janick Pfenninger Arrangement: Beat Jegen, Janick Pfenninger Mix: Giuliano Sulzberger, Beat Jegen Mastering: Soundgarden (Flo Siller / Chris von Rautenkranz) Musik: Janick Pfenninger, Nicolas Rüttimann, Lorenzo Demenga & Band Lyrics: Janick Pfenninger & Vania Sousa ARTWORK Alexis Saile Tim Freitag is and always will be Severin Graf, Nicolas Rüttimann, Lorenzo Demenga, Daniel Gisler & Janick Pfenninger © Ⓟ Tim Freitag is under exclusive license to Noodle Soup Records (www.noodlesouprecords.com)
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